avowed heart …

The heart of a promise is a vow tied to forever.  Whatever deceives, yielding to a subterfuge should never be an easy escape to unfasten the binding knot of faithfulness to each another.

my initial attempt to take on the Trifecta (week thirty-nine) challenge — my FIRST at any writing challenge. it was a daunting first step but i took it … please let me know if i should continue to walk the writer’s path and follow my heart.

the prompt this week:  HEART (noun) – personality, disposition <a cold heart>


interrupting routine


When day breaks, slumber is put on hold and the caress of soft pillows and sheets are comforts no more. The reality of life hangs like a gloomy mist of December morning, casting shadows of hopeless optimism, twisting in our minds as schedules, tasks, deadlines, laundry, errands, chores and assignments; thus, the tyranny of the urgent fills our minds with foggy dispositions choking our joy with gasps of desperation.

Why not for a second, close our eyes and imbibe in the quiet morning a sense of resolve to pray and thank God for a new beginning … a miracle so innocent, it comes by without a blink of recognition. We twist to turn, even run to mingle into the daily grind, oblivious of the vision of a new day.

Why not take hold of the moment, listen to our heart and sing praises to our Lord who has allowed another chance … another opportunity … another instant to lift unto His hands the burden that weigh us down, the struggles that entangle us and even the pleasure that nourish our soul.

By interrupting  a  routine through a moment of prayer, honors God and connects us to the reality of a miracle of a new day; likewise, reflecting the love that God so beautifully shares with us as the sun slowly slithers through the eastern skies bathing a glorious morning with enthusiasm and fortitude.

Interrupting a routine is to STOP anything else and begin to THINK and THANK GOD!

how it is to be in your shoes …

I have been immersing myself reading the different web blogs archived in my Google reader.  And I swoon and drool over their entries on the most endearing topic that I am so inclined to dwell on these days — travel.  Every blogger has his style, choice, even humor on what he recounts, journals and writes as a testament to his latest (and even his not so recent) travel experience.

Each entry unfolds discoveries from the travelogue and instills eternal instants as beautiful photography open up heartfelt pseudo realities and in the process, connects me to the moment.

I am amazed at the backpacker’s entries that make traveling a worthwhile leisure pursuit that don’t drain resources to almost nothing; but rather adds to the wholeness of what life can really be all about in simplicity and character. The world becomes his playground to unfurl energy and to discover the many facets of culture, landmarks and history. His precise steps, plans and itineraries bring him to a journey’s threshold, from the mundane destination to a significant landmark with surprises that could stunt his charted course; yet, still bring fulfillment to a dream without any exception.

Today, a number of people choose the world of a traveler, leaving behind the comforts of home and family; and emerging as renewed individuals seasoned by daily occurrences, familiar or otherwise.  This vocation (if it can be called as such) is an easy option to choose compared to years ago because of the technology and other support facilities available that are essential to making traveling  a successful lifestyle.

It is regrettable that traveling the world, during the time when it was still viable for me to indulge my whim, was meant only for the few elite who were willing and able.  There were neither clear motivations nor inspirations from travelers who had seen the world and returned home to share their fulfillment and success because their witness remained written and hidden in diaries or travel journals seen and read by their own eyes only.

However, because of the myriads of travel tales, the armchair sojourner is born.  All he needs to have is a computer connected to the worldwide web and “dot com” addresses of weblogs to enjoy moments of discovery and inspiration to fulfill dreams of journeys from the comfort of home.  Although restricted in a one-dimensional perspective, the thought of being in one’s shoes traversing the globe is enough lift to transport the soul into a praising moment of God’s goodness and love.  Making travel possible with the fingertips is a quick relief for the itch in the flighty feet when there are restrictions on time and budget.

Today, it is easier to be in your shoes enjoying the experiences and owning them as well.  Thanks to you, even a photograph of a footprint marking a reality of your dream and stalking your every step makes traveling possible for me.

Even if I will not have my own imprints burrowed in the sands of the Gobi or my smile back-dropped by the Taj, I know I will have a moment of joy when I read your narratives as you share a part of you in each word you write.

I am grateful to all sojourners who travel and share their pursuits; because, I am pleasantly satiated with delight as each step is followed by another towards a fulfillment in seeing a destination in my dream and bulleted as done.