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cee’s fun foto challenge… bark and leaves


In the islands, nothing drastic changes in the hues of nature during shift of seasons.  Most times, the leaves remain green and the burst of autumn colors is pure imagination, leaving us enthralled with the concept of fall.


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sunday post: urban design

urban design

Even in the most modern and contemporary setting of a metropolis, shines the awesome presence of the ultimate Creator who designed the universe.  The backdrop of the setting sun makes us realize that HE is with us every waking or sleeping moment wherever we may be.

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avowed heart …

The heart of a promise is a vow tied to forever.  Whatever deceives, yielding to a subterfuge should never be an easy escape to unfasten the binding knot of faithfulness to each another.

my initial attempt to take on the Trifecta (week thirty-nine) challenge — my FIRST at any writing challenge. it was a daunting first step but i took it … please let me know if i should continue to walk the writer’s path and follow my heart.

the prompt this week:  HEART (noun) – personality, disposition <a cold heart>