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taking a moment to reflect, to be grateful, to pray and just to be in the presence of my Lord and Savior

simply …a moment of being alone


The moment of being alone … makes you feel the emptiness of being with no one … makes you hear your inner voice revealing your soul’s heartaches … makes you see the width and breath of a small space … makes you yearn for warmth of another’s hand in yours … makes you realize that you are NOT really alone …

But makes you feel HIM intimately attuned to your heart WHO is almost always drowned in the multitude of a crowded life.

The MOMENT of being alone is BEING in God’s amazing presence of love enthralled.


simply, a moment to ask … who does?


One minute passes by without much funfare.  Like a quiet falling of a leaf, unnoticed … an irrelevant reality bound to happen.

Each moment passed is done, never to be redeemed in order to recapture or replay a new version.  It niches itself in history, lapsed as part of something considered finished.  Not one second of those sixty can ever recur to relinquish a crown,  to undo a wrong choice, to remold a broken piece, to untangle a knot, to take back a hurting remark, to switch off a bright idea or simply to redeem a broken vow.

Each passing moment leads to the next that enables anyone to move forward. No one can skip a moment in order to matter because each lapse is linked like a chain that connects and bridges today towards tomorrow without fleeting back.

Each moment is a fulfillment of God’s promise which we should seriously hold close to our hearts so that we will always be at the center of HIS will. Taken for granted, we become a routine, a plain occurrence, none worthy of applause … like the falling of a leaf being blown away by the wind … where it finally drops and decays no one bothers to know.

Yet, the reason why it fell, rests on God … HE alone cares … HE does.

As said in Matthew 6, verse 8 — ” … for your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him!”

simply, a moment … home


“Where’s my kiss?” Bob asks as he steps inside our home, he stays away from the usual “Honey, I’m home!” This is his cute way of asking me to extend a welcome of warmth as he settles in the peace of our family from the stress of work and being away from me … I gladly think.

I look forward to this time of day when the family is once again complete; because each one leaves for his own preoccupation at work or school as the morning dawns.  Thus, leaving me behind with chores and errands and most times enjoying the quiet of home.  Although the silence is sometimes not companionable because it gets lonely being home alone.

After all is done, the chance for a personal moment begins.  The luxury of indulgence in creative pursuits like writing and photography is a blessed time; which I am hoping and intending to weave through the experience as long as the Lord allows me to.

The day passes by like a wisp of rested breath, unhampered by stress fulfilling hours of living in the experience of how life should be.  Then, nestling in the comfort of family who completes the reason of my life with the certainty of love founded on God’s own is a beautiful way to end my day at home.

Always, I love to hear my Bob calling … “Where’s my kiss?”

simply, a moment … in love


Twenty nine years began after only sixty days of knowing each other.  Looking back, it seems just a few moments ago and it feels good.  Counting seems pointless because the years with Bob breezes through like flying through the Eiffel, cruising on the Thames and even sailing the Boracay shores; because each moment is a reason our memories are made — our life together in love.

The marathon to forever is not a race but a loving challenge for Bob and me.  We are not competing against each other but we are a team attempting victory together.  There are moments, and a lot of them, when the roads seem lonely running alone because one refuses to stride alongside the other …

choosing …

… anger over patience

… unmet expectations over trust

… callousness over thoughtfulness

… grumbling over thankfulness

… arguing over quiet surrender

… and the list goes on

We stumble, help each other up, dust off each other’s specks and clasp each hand to run the marathon together again.

Humbly, Bob is the gift the Lord blessed me with in all his kindness, quirks and temper and his good looks (wink wink) — he is my Bob and I am his.

I remain to praise God for this marriage which is not a perfect set-up but a partnership with the Lord who has made this sacred vow worth treasuring and praying for.  Every day is a meaningful journey that started twenty nine years ago until forever — with Bob holding my hand firmly clasped in the Lord’s — I will and always will be BOB’s wife.