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more random photos of our travel and sent entries to challenges with the hope of sharing to the world what beauty i have seen from my own

cee’s fun foto challenge… water


from a raging and passionate stream of water…


to a peaceful ebbing flow…


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a word a week … high


Being high in spirits in an equally elevated rim overlooking the grandeur of the canyon.  It was an exhilarating moment to witness the magnificence of God’s creation and realizing that I am but a puny part of it; yet, He loves me more than I can imagine … beyond the high mountains and heavens for always.


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travel theme: motion


the wind throws the waves,
mindless, endless in rocks and staves
impacting the soul with fear,
echoing anger, danger so clear
the motion of water,
upholding so much power
like steering the mind against sanity ,
into fragments of uncertainty
but being still in His presence,
evokes peace in one’s conscience
transforming the heart,
trusting God never to depart

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