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always, written from the heart linked with captured perspectives of God’s awesome inspiration

cee’s fun foto challenge… at the edge


at the edge of the border, we have to take a step back and reconcile the limit of our breadth and take pleasure in the vast possibilities of what tomorrow may bring …


having fun with Cee’s fun foto challenge


as my heart speaks… of a pause


when there are many things
filling our hearts with apprehension,
worry and disappointment…

take a PAUSE.

throw in the towel of surrender
and look forward to new beginnings
that may unfold…

and redeem them as blessings from God
who wishes us to slow down and PAUSE

…with HIM.

just waiting …


waiting expectantly…

as I have lifted my concerns,
know about them even prior to realizing
that i had any.

your love encompasses my needs because YOU
are more than able.
I humbly submit my lowly self for your cause…
because I am a channel of your love.

waiting earnestly…

as I am transformed,
in your likeness will I bear fruit,
for your glory alone, I will, by your grace.

minutes pass to hours, days to years,
because each second leads to the next
as YOU allow it so.

nothing moves forward without You, dear Lord…
so please allow me to celebrate waiting in the
hallow of YOUR grace.

impatience tempts the movement of time,
because I focus on me and what I want.
please grant me to wait expectantly…

for what YOU uphold is good by YOUR will.