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frizz’ m {modern history}

modern history

modern history …

What better way than to show an infamous landmark which made modern history when it was once the tallest edifice in the world.  Yet, it was downgraded to just that, another building, when a taller architectural feat was erected in Taiwan.  I was totally awestruck by the magnificence of the twin towers of the Petronas and could not stop capturing its glinting metal spires from every angle, even almost lying on my back just to be able to do so.

Always, I am overwhelmed by the moment when Bob and I are gifted the privilege to see historical sights and experience its pivotal reality. No matter when or where history is made, every day passes by and becomes a part of someone’s past … a memory that serves to immortalize a significant moment.  And each experience is a blessing from HIM who allows us the grace to be part of HIS STORY.

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frizz’ l {less is more}


My take on the oxymoron “less is more” means simplicity personified.

As we deem to choose and resolve to live life without much frills and complications, we can enjoy more peace and quiet … in the loving embrace of HIM who loves us more when we think of ourselves less.

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frizz’ i {inside out}

inside out

Being too engrossed with our inner self, always satisfying our own needs or desires and failing sensitivity towards the people and circumstance of our life, spells love of oneself.  This is human nature at its worst; and I am guilty as charged.

However, when we look out and find favor in serving others by simply being there when needed makes us renew our social motivation to love others fulfilling the next essential commandment.  Loving God is ultimate and our social relationships come second.

We should begin to emanate what Jesus modeled when HE sacrificially gave up HIS life for our sake, not in its literal sense because we can never come to par nor be in any way near its fringe.  But translate in our life the very essence of love in whatever form we can for others, from our inner being towards someone outside our own.

As said in John 15, verse 13: “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

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frizz’ h {half full}

half full

We sometimes see the circumstances of our life with either pessimism or optimism.  But these are convictions that come only from the essentials of how we want to live our life mounted on our own.  These opposite viewpoints either make us happy or heart-broken.

To see one side as half full is the better oxymoron compared to half empty.  The former translates the assurance of half the victory, may it be in a small scenario or an overwhelming reality of our life.

Personally, there is one truth in my life that surpasses both extremes … the Lord completes me either way.

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frizz’ g {going nowhere}

going nowhere

going nowhere …

We take on a journey one day at a time.  Always moving forward to that perceived goal and when it is not done for the day, a new dawn begins to redirect us towards that objective until, by God’s grace, it is achieved.

However, when we are derailed, we seem going nowhere … our footsteps becoming tentative and cautious. The uncertainty of the journey bringing a burden to our hearts and minds, questioning the reality even the reason why things are the way they are or not.

We seem to be going but getting nowhere.  This is an existence not worth living but is.

However, if we look towards the reality of who God is in our lives, we can be going nowhere but headed for HIM who gives us the right direction, the true perspective of how we should live the life God blessed us with.  HE is our hope, our beacon to going nowhere but straight to a joyful and abundant life with HIM.

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frizz’ f {family fun}

“As a family, we take fun seriously.”

This is still in the pursuit of using an oxymoron.  However, as I read it in the list, it struck me as a great phrase to describe how our family sees and experiences fun.  Across the island and beyond it, our family is grateful to God for the opportunities bestowed on us.  It has bonded the family with much love, care for each other and fun … seriously in the heart of God’s love.

... a night adventure to see fireflies down the river bordering a penal colony ... what is more fun than that!
… a night adventure to see fireflies down the river bordering a penal colony … what is more fun than that!
... breathing in the heritage sites of Macau, a fun interlude!
… breathing in the heritage sites of Macau, a fun interlude!
... real serious fun at the beach!
… real serious fun at the beach!
... fun at its hilt being in one of the world's most photographed edifices!
… fun at its hilt being able to photograph one of the world’s infamous edifices!

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frizz’ e {eternal life}

eternal life

eternal life …

Eternal is a phase in time that I cannot fathom its length or existence.  It baffles my mind to think where its beginning or endpoint might be because as I imagine it, the depth of its borders are beyond my mind’s scope to handle its infinity.  Essentially, it just is forever.

Life on the other hand is short, finite and lapses into an end.  No matter how one lives it, it starts at birth and eventually, without anyone knowing when, life is snapped out of our control into either a beautiful or horrifying finale.

However, put together, it becomes a gift.

It says in John 3, verse 16:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

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