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my photos transformed into the dramatics of two neutrals … and submitted for challenges

cee’s black & white challenge… seating


There is no one else would I like to share my space on a seating spot but with my Bob… who will celebrate another year added to him, day after tomorrow. May all our memories together inspire you to make more of them as the Lord blesses us with more beautiful ones as we take a seat together in this life we have been sharing for thirty meaningful years!

Taking hold of your hand in this seating as blessed by HIM … through Cee’s black & white challenge


cee’s black & white challenge … big subjects

i have this innate love for trees… their burly and steadfast stance deeply rooted in the ground always reminding  me of the firm grasp of God’s love for me intensely ingrained in the landscape of my life.  in paradox, with the changing hues of the leaves in the boughs of the tree, God’s love never changes… it never falls or fails, it never springs forth in season but eternally blooms overshadowing my mistakes in forgiveness.

big subjects

His Son, Jesus, was hung on a “tree”  in order to give me hope and life… a gift freely given to those who accept and believe.

being a part of Cee’s black & white challenge

cee’s B&W challenge: close up

macroThere are times when some details are ignored or deliberately neglected.  Reasons vary from just plainly not being able to see, too little time to bother, another time perhaps or just not stopping to notice.

Always, there is a second to spare … a moment to pause … a time to reflect.

Let us grasp that chance and take that option to see the bigger picture of what life offers and where the Lord is in it and experience a shift … a closer look at life’s true beauty in the truth of God.

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cee’s B&W challenge: fun things to photograph

There are many subjects that I indulge in to capture while traveling, Bob’s and my time together just taking photos, or anything that literally catches my attention … a fallen leaf, a flower in bloom, uncorked bottle … just about everything.

However, the two most interesting subjects I put my heart into are:  landmarks that speak of the place where Bob and I are given the gift of travel …



… and any significant stroke of perspective that is purely mine.

We all have the freedom to express our creativity when taking our photographs.  I am thankful that photography is mostly subjective and to each his own genius. Likewise, I am grateful that the community here in WP is all about sharing our gift, perspective and heart.

what catches your fancy … join us at Cee’s B&W challenge