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my A to Z Challenge Reflection

a-to-z-letters-aPPREHENSIONS:  I was hesitant, unsure and fearful and downright skeptical about my joining the challenge because I knew in my heart that I won’t be able to finish it!  The effort that it would take to come up with a post for six consecutive days in four weeks and was limited to my chosen theme, was astounding … yet, with my desire to let the world know about my little islands in the pacific was a driving force that made me sign up (on slot 1125 initially).

a-to-z-letters-pATS ON THE BACK:  I even wrote Arlee to ask him some clarifications and he was one kind man who answered every query and was so encouraging that I knew in my heart that I did the right thing of getting myself signed up as a participant.  Another kindness extended me was when Judy of raisingthecurtain mentioned me in her blog, I was enthralled, sad part was I did not even say “thank you”.  Today, I apologize for not doing so, but utterly grateful for her generous encouragement.

a-to-z-letters-rEALIZATIONS:  Being new in this creative endeavor of blogging, I have realized that by God’s utmost inspiration, I was able to hurdle challenges beyond what I thought was impossible to overcome and be victorious through HIM.  There were not many comments I was hoping to get but I am thankful for every one of them who stopped by and gave me much support.   I know that they spent even a few moments to be with me when they read what I wrote and spared a little more when they shared what they thought of what I painstakingly prepared for each prompt.

a-to-z-letters-iNSPIRATIONS:  The A to Z April Challenge is one venue that should be supported by more bloggers everywhere (although the number increases by leaps and bounds annually) because it is a place to meet new friends, learn from and express oneself.  Ultimately for me, it inspired me to know that challenges are meant to be prevailed over in whatever way one pursues to do so and still come out of it triumphant.  Also, the insatiable effort and patience of the people (team) behind this challenge served as inspiration, may they continue to uphold such resolve and carry on until forever!

a-to-z-letters-lOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT CHALLENGE:  As early as today, I limber with enthusiasm at the thought of being a part of the challenge next year.  Likewise, I look forward to maintaining blogging exchanges with those I met along the way.  Also, may I suggest, to list participants according to theme (if they decide to have one) so it will have some semblance of order, although the random list treatment gives an element of surprise that is engaging and appealing.

Please note the borrowed letter banners that spelled the month of the challenge which  also spelled my name … “Hi, I am April and I am a survivor and “victor” of the A to Z April Challenge!”


30 April … Z for Zambales

for Zambales

Zambales is northwest of Manila which when we visited was a best-kept secret getaway.  It lies on a coastline so it stretches beautiful beaches after breath-taking beaches.  Although in order of the alphabet it ranks last in priority, Zambales’ beauty irrevocably does not.

Let me share with you the zest of Zambales!

This is my last post for the April A to Z Challenge and I hope that I was able to give everyone who has dropped by to visit a snippet of how fun and beautiful my islands of the Philippines truly is.

29 April … Y for yellow

for yellow

When the Philippines turned yellow

It has been 27 years since the Filipino marked a unity beyond what the world has ever seen which became known as the “People Power”.  The peaceful EDSA revolution, which propelled a simple homemaker of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino into presidency through the outpouring of heart and soul of a people repressed by dictatorship for more than two decades, was a big turning point in the history of my country.

The spirit lives on and I pray that the generations to come will remember in their hearts the true meaning of unanimity in love for country and its people persevering to uphold true justice and peace.

26 April … W for willy’s rock

for willy’s rock


Willy’s Rock is an infamous landmark on the shores of Boracay.  Many photos of the most visited beach in the island somehow and someway has this ROCK as partly or wholly marked as background or foreground.

It has probably given someone in the world an inspiration to want to visit the island of Boracay and take a part of it home.  Willy’s Rock can in some way represent the big island of the Philippines withstanding the tides and waves that pound its mass; yet remains unyielding to the pressure of what the country faces each day.

As the sun sets beyond its horizon and Willy’s Rock sits on shore devoid of the pulsing waves, it may well be a “monument” of the people’s resiliency and steadfastness anchored on honor and loyalty.

25 April … V for volcano

for volcano

The Islands are entrenched on the Ring of Fire.  Thus, our volcanoes are very much alive, taunting to release serious outbursts. However, there are two beautiful volcanoes taking center stage in my post today.  Both are significant landscape features in the Philippine setting, one being the world’s smallest active volcano and the other having a perfect cone-shaped summit.  Though they are threats to life and limb, in their quiet state, they remain to be picturesque countryside spectacles of beauty.


The Taal Volcano sits on the lake of its namesake.  Though tiny in comparison to many other volcanoes in the island, it is one of the feistiest for having erupted thirty three times since 1572 and claiming lives and property in its outbursts.  It is tranquil in its state today, resting in its cool comfort in the Taal Lake; its beauty is breath-taking.


The other volcano is the Mayon found south of the big Island of Luzon in the region known as Bicol.  Its summit is beautifully crafted into a perfect cone, but it is seemingly starting to crack under much pressure by the activity brewing in its depths.  But as we visited five years ago, we saw how majestic it stood as a backdrop of a gorgeous sunset that ended our day with peace and tranquility in the Creator’s palette of artistry.

24 April … U for Uyayi

for uyayi

Uyayi is a Philippine lullaby.  Listen to how as a people we have sentiments of love  beautifully expressed in music. This particular lullaby describes the love between a mother and her child, how even in the child’s sleep is a mother’s comfort.