simply …a moment of being alone


The moment of being alone … makes you feel the emptiness of being with no one … makes you hear your inner voice revealing your soul’s heartaches … makes you see the width and breath of a small space … makes you yearn for warmth of another’s hand in yours … makes you realize that you are NOT really alone …

But makes you feel HIM intimately attuned to your heart WHO is almost always drowned in the multitude of a crowded life.

The MOMENT of being alone is BEING in God’s amazing presence of love enthralled.


8 thoughts on “simply …a moment of being alone

  1. Just read your last post from 2015. You posted it a week or so before my mom passed away. I remember you always commented about her in my blog. She read some of your comments.

    This post seems apt. I’m devastated, but I have to go on with life as I know that was what she wanted. I thought of telling you because you seemed fond of her and that means so much to me.

    1. Oh AJ, I am crying like I don’t know why. But the connection I have with you now is as if I lost someone I really am so close to. I am soooo sorry about her going home but then I know for sure that she is so happy with Jesus enjoying worship like it is never going end in loving praises. AJ, just hang in there and know in your heart that you will be reunited with her when the Lord says it is time. I hope she went home without much pain and was looking forward to seeing your dad again.

      AJ, please be hopeful for that day, think of it as your mom being at the front of the line and us just waiting for our turn to come and meanwhile weaving through more memories along the way.

      AJ, I wish I can give you a sister’s hug and make you feel better. I will pray for you, dear brother, promise🙇

  2. You have been on my mind all week!
    I saw your blog on one of my old pages and then somehow saw it again – and then saw Jo’s comment –
    Anyhow – you came to my mind yet again and so I came to peek around and well / I really enjoyed a visit here today and also know God led me here – and so sending a blog hug and peace and blessings to you !

    1. Hey, thank you for the blog hug, I needed that. I have not posted anything new, but again thank you so much for your encouragement. Tearing up, you are so sweet. God bless you more😙

  3. Hi Jo, I am so touched by your concern. It’s been awhile since I wrote anything, I can’t seem to write and I feel sad indeed. Thank you for popping in and encouraging me, I pray I can write again.

    Again, my heartfelt thanks. Sending you love from the Islands.

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