plying the islands: surfing the waves of baler


The tumbling waves echo the wind shouting its advances. As if warning everyone of the power it has to crash anything on its path.  Yet, its height and breath signify the feebleness of any man, making him realize that he indeed is but a small creature but blessed with a heart to love God and others like him.

Beyond the horizon, facing the ocean, I see the perspective of man being so puny compared to the awesome reality of the massive waves.  The surfers, in tandem or alone in their fortitude, await the rambling waters to take them to heights of passion and conquest.  Many may ride the monstrosity back to shore while others may fail only to strive and await their turn again and again.

I may never be given that chance to feel the power beneath my feet and surf the blasting waves. But as i see the smile on my children’s faces as they stand in command of their chosen wave, I feel the pride of a mother blessed in the love of God whose gift of awesome kids able to hurdle life’s challenges as blessings beyond compare.



2 thoughts on “plying the islands: surfing the waves of baler

    1. Hi Viveka, those were my two kids surfing. i was amazed at how they were so enthralled by the sport that they were able to stand on the boards just a few minutes after their epic fails. they surfed for two days not minding anything but riding the waves! it must be an incredible feeling really!

      thank you for checking up on me from the other side of the globe … praying that you are doing fine, dear one 🙂

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