cee’s fun foto challenge, my favorite things, chorus


“when the bee stings” …

it was an imperative that i captured this instant and prayed that i would seize the moment as the bee was hitting its target that bloomed all its beauty for it to latch on.  it was such a beautiful point in time, praising God for the privilege indeed!


“when i am feeling sad” …

dusk always brings that pinch in my heart with sadness, it had been that way with me since i could remember.  although it evokes and highlights the beauty of God’s creation, the dramatic effect of the mood, lighting and quietness make my heart always inexplicably sad.

then, as the chorus goes on to say …

favorite things

“i simply remember my favorite things”

being together with my family, in their midst as embraced in God’s loving arms, i go on to live and celebrate my life in love.

taking part in Cee’s fun foto challenge and loving it!


7 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge, my favorite things, chorus

    1. Hi, thank you for taking the moment.

      i tagged along Bob on a job-related trip, and on our way to Solano Nueva Vizcaya, we took a short stop in Sta. Fe for lunch. always, with camera on hand, i grab the opportunities the Lord throws my way to capture moments that would speak of God’s love through HIS beautiful creation. of course, by His grace alone, am i able to seize every given moment. again, thank you for your encouragement 🙂

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