cee’s fun foto challenge… bark and leaves


In the islands, nothing drastic changes in the hues of nature during shift of seasons.  Most times, the leaves remain green and the burst of autumn colors is pure imagination, leaving us enthralled with the concept of fall.


taking part in Cee’s fun foto challenge…


3 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge… bark and leaves

  1. Nothing more beautiful and vibrant than the colors of nature in the islands. The constant peaceful shades of greens with bursts of exciting tropical flowers, reminding us that paradise is just around the corner. How are you my friend? Hope you and your family are doing well. In Houston, Ebola scare slowed down but the Ebola preparation is being implemented as we speak. There’s this room in my ER that looks like the one I see in the movies about global pandemic. We no longer make it as a big deal, its part of the profession we chose. Regards to your family. God bless.

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