one word photo challenge: livid


Blue-grey (livid:  its fancy name) … a hue that seems devoid of fun or even a smile.

Yet, as I browsed through my archive,  I saw a definitive response to this challenge that sparked a certain tug that made my heart smile.  This insipid color transformed a panorama that shouted pure pleasure.  It goes to show that even in the seemingly troubled times of one’s life one can see a glimmer of hope that can fire up a promise;  one just has to experience faith.

being a part of one word photo challenge  …


9 thoughts on “one word photo challenge: livid

    1. hi Elizz, would you believe this was taken in Subic? we have after all beautiful sights to behold in our very own island… we just have to open our hearts 🙂 thank you for dropping by, i see that you are back! i have been nursing a writer’s block myself, cannot seem to shake me off the dilemma… your comment is much appreciated 🙂

      1. yes i’m back, took a long 8mos i guess.. sometimes we really need some time to recharge.. so true, we could find the best and the most wonderful sights just right here at home.

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