cee’s fun foto challenge … wheels


The wheels of our mind whirls the memories of beautiful moments from beyond the years … like in this photo i took a few moons back as Bob and I took a trip down south of the islands.  I remember seeing this grand ruins of a magnificent mansion which was burned down to the ground during the war.

On the foreground sat an old reconstructed carriage which was a mode of transport used in the old days of the Spanish era.  Although there are newer ones still plying the routes of tourist areas for visitors to experience the rather arduous “calesa” ride.

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3 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge … wheels

  1. Hi, April. Images like this brings back beautiful nostalgic memories of home. I am a fan of old Filipino culture and traditions. Whenever I see old Spanish houses and of course, the “Kalesa,” it’s like an instant travel back in time when life was simpler and family so within reach. Thank you for making me remember. Just talked to dad yesterday morning. It was his Birthday last Sunday. Though I was in Austin for the weekend, part of my heart was in the Philippines. I wish I was with him and everyone else in the family on his Birthday. For now, I will keep him and mom in my thoughts and prayers. Have a blessed week and regards to your family.

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