weekly photo challenge: texture


smooth, rough, pliant, soft,
seamless descriptions of  texture.
adrift on the beach or up estranged in a loft,
unique in ways, immense to measure.

touch and feel other forms of texture




6 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: texture

  1. I love all your words to make that photo come even more alive. and I like the backdrop too – the greens and the bricks – nice contrast to the points and brown. cool image amiga!! 🙂

  2. Ah, a texture and image I can so relate. Always reminds me of life in the tropics. May not be the same as I remembered but when I search long enough, traces of simple island bliss are still there for the taking. Hope your having a great Summer. I’m now in the Philippines, getting connected with family in the Visayas.

    1. Hello, Mr. B.  you definitely came in such a good time, weather is great!  wishing you more meaningful memories weaved through your family life.  

      i know you are here and somehow when i am out in the malls or places that people converge, i somehow look through the crowd and hope to see you and Mrs. B and the little one.  And  I know in my heart that i will be “kapal”  to say HI! and ask if they are you guys.  Hoping that you are visiting Manila as well.  If in case you are, please let me know.  Bob and I would love to have coffee with you 🙂  — April

      1. Thanks April. Fate has its way of bringing friends together. I will be in Manila by Thursday before I go back, Sunday. Most of my 3 weeks vacation were spent in the Visayas with my parents, sisters and in-laws. I will keep you updated. It’ll be cool to meet a blogger friend in person. God bless you and your family.

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