as my heart speaks … of a bump


A bump could be an unseen elevation from a blind vantage point that can cause damage or harm… yet, it can be a good thing.

In the busyness of life, we become trapped in a routine that needs to be accomplished before getting into yet another conventional circumstance.  Experiencing a “bump on the road”  can thwart us from becoming mere zombies who are caught up in the trap of the usual.

A bump,

…awakens us from the most passionate desire to succeed
…reminds us of the more important things we have forgotten
…shakes us to feel again
… jolts us to realize that we are not alone
…makes us stop everything so we can look up
…allows us to simplify our lives

A bump, after all, is a good thing.


One thought on “as my heart speaks … of a bump

  1. I can so relate to these bumps of life my friend. It does make us feel and reflect to what’s truly important in life. The last few weeks had been an eye opener for me and helped me reassess my priorities. Moving to America made me miss so much of what could have been in the Philippines including setting aside medical residency and training, and for the chance to help out fellow Filipinos. Perhaps God is knocking on my door and its time to listen and open it for his greater glory. All the best to you and your family.

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