weekly photo challenge: extra, extra

works of art

in a twinkling of an eye, beyond the cold, straight lines and stylized French masonry of the palace… snatched into view a beautiful curvature of flight and warmth

an extra gift of  beauty…


5 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: extra, extra

  1. France is indeed blessed with priceless works of Architectural design and Art. Everywhere you turn, beautiful designs and craftsmanship with a very rich history pops up. The 3 days I spent there with my wife and son gave me a lifetime’s worth of blessing to be grateful for. Hope one day, I get to back and discover the many things I missed. It’s back to school here but Summer memories still feels fresh. Give my regards to Bob and the kids. Wishing you and your family great health and tons of happiness. God bless my friend.

    1. hi AJ, i remember just trying to capture the facade of the palace and it was an area where there were not many people… so i was pleasantly taking all the shots i could, when this lowly bird just breezed through… huli sya! it was indeed, great timing!

      keep safe, dear AJ and my best regards to your mom (kahit feeling close lang ako) 😉 — April

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