weekly photo challenge: letters


Go ahead… write that ‘letter’ for someone you love.

Please refrain from texting, emailing or calling… just this instant please grab a pen, pencil or any writing implement and WRITE the letter!  And be blessed by the overflowing love your special someone will definitely throw your way.

Its about time you did so again.

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4 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: letters

  1. I, too, am a letter and card lover. I don’t write as often now because of the quickness and ease of email, et al, but I sent postcards while on vacation, cards for more than just birthdays (and fill them with writing) and even letters sometimes. What’s better than getting a real letter/card in the mail? Love the photo, too.


  2. very cool – for the designer feel – the background – the red against black and white (one of my favorite combos) and then the words POST – has that blogging touch – and then your words – to encourage a hand written letter. I have a friend from Denver, an old boss, who emails – but she still writes hand written notes often and it is a gem.


    1. hi Yvette, you’re way too cool, as we say it here in the islands “Salamat” (thank you). letters are real treasures, i still have some old ones from dear friends kept safe … thank you for the visit — April

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