love bites … the PORCH

it was midweek, Bob and i were left on our own.

we had an idea together to try a simple restaurant not far from we were and just have a little “just-the-two-us” moment.  i went through some possible options until we settled for “the PORCH”.


it is located in a quiet neighborhood, although the porch is facing a main roadway, it still had the ambiance of quaintness.  in our islands, porches are not a traditional extension of a home.  maybe if the Lord allows us another chance to build another house, i would surely want to have one of our own.


the PORCH is not like a restaurant, it felt like we were invited by a friend over for dinner (except that we had to pay for it 😉 — wink!)…  even the centerpiece on the table spoke of a homey feel.


as always, we stuck to our “budget” date and ordered a salad and a main dish and shared the love.  i encouraged him to savor the bigger portion, since i have been trying very hard to limit my dinner intake, a personal choice 🙂


the mixed greens were fresh and crisp, ably “dressed” by a fruity vinaigrette topped with clustered caramelized peanuts and slices of sweet grapes.  maybe a complement of feta or blue cheese would have added more zing to this lovely salad.


the ribs were a hefty portion and cost reasonably.  the lean meat fell off the bones as i nudged the ribs.  they marinated and absorbed the flavors of saltiness and sweetness, making the dish a celebration of taste and succulence.


i miss these moments with Bob, as he had been allowed a gift of work a few months back.  if anyone remembers, he was offered early retirement more than a year ago and i had this category to fill in as we went out on our “love bite-dates”.

after last night, i am now more resolved to ask Bob to take me out and just have meaningful evening dinners together… whether out in the porch, by the beach, under the stars, or a little nook in a corner store… having our “just-the-two-of-us” moments… like how it had been since we started twenty years and eight months ago.




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