cee’s black & white challenge … big subjects

i have this innate love for trees… their burly and steadfast stance deeply rooted in the ground always reminding  me of the firm grasp of God’s love for me intensely ingrained in the landscape of my life.  in paradox, with the changing hues of the leaves in the boughs of the tree, God’s love never changes… it never falls or fails, it never springs forth in season but eternally blooms overshadowing my mistakes in forgiveness.

big subjects

His Son, Jesus, was hung on a “tree”  in order to give me hope and life… a gift freely given to those who accept and believe.

being a part of Cee’s black & white challenge


11 thoughts on “cee’s black & white challenge … big subjects

  1. this is really wonderful. 🙂 I love your words – praise the Lord for that! and this tree shot is pretty amazing…. it is so majestic and strong – and inviting – makes me think of that song Majesty…..
    super cool post. 🙂

    1. hi Cee, i stood under it and it was really a grand, big tree planted in a rustic rural town north of the islands. i remember its wide cool shade with the soft breeze of the wind wanting us to sleep and take a rest from our roadtrip… looking at it again in the archives brought so much memories 🙂

      always a pleasure to take part in your challenges, have a great week ahead, Cee!

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