thought snippet forty seven {not to worry}

tree_6In Matthew 6, verse 34, it says:
        “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself…”

Many times we lay awake at night, planning even fretting about things or moments to come… when we are told not to.

We make life complicated when simplicity is a grasp away.  Is the reason due to the many options thrown our way?  Does it have to be a blue bow on my hair to match my blue shoes, when my hair is better off catching the wind and feeling the freedom of tossing my head without worrying if the bow is in place?

Cream or sugar in my coffee…  brewed or instant?  Rather, is tea a healthier choice?  Try water instead… when thirst ensues, water satiates, simply put.

Many options stress us out to the point of worry.  Our heavenly Father knows our needs even before we ask Him for them, so why do we not seek HIS will for our life in order to be relieved of the anxiety of tomorrow.  He can direct out life accordingly with our utmost trust in HIM and HE is faithful to grant us what is right for us each time. HE promises that when we ask, we will receive… when we seek, we will find… when we knock, doors will be open for us.

Are these not enough to give us peace and rest?

Our Father in heaven is entwined in our life, enjoy HIS presence by living the moment in HIS, dependent on HIM alone; so our worries will worry itself into oblivion as we live today intimately attuned to God’s love and truth.


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