weekly photo challenge: selfie


Bob and I in our journey together … we are each other’s traveling “buddies” … in places where our feet take us  and in our hearts where we have been together the past thirty years (until forever) …

share your “selfie” over at the week photo challenge


21 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: selfie

  1. a good idea to choose the shoe fragment as a symbol for the whole relationship…
    I hope you’ll both walk peaceful through the current political unrest on your streets?

    1. Hi Frizz, thank you for dropping by … Bob and i travel a “marathon” together, thus, the analogy of the feet 😉 thank you for your concern, praise God that we are miles and miles away from where the present political unrest is. it would require at least an hour and a half plane ride to get there … our warmest hugs to you …

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