cee’s fun foto challenge … small subjects

Bob and I visited the southern part of the islands a few moons back and in one of our walking pursuits, I chanced upon two little insects (wasps, i think) alternately hovering around a beautiful lowly flower.

It signified a triumph for both these two little creatures and for myself as well.  Although, I think it needs more light to fully show their dramatic flight, the small subjects were enhanced by the glow emanating from the flower and capturing this instance gives me a tug in my heart.

always a joy to take part in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


14 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge … small subjects

  1. April, what a fantastic photo …. the small wasp – that is really small objects – what a talent you have … you and your camera are a fantastic team.

    1. Hi Viveka, warm wishes to you, hoping that you are well. thank you so much for your kind words … am so encouraged! there are so many simple and beautiful things that happen and most times are unnoticed, i am always happy when i am able to capture their essence and preserve them in memory. thank you for dropping by ..

    1. Hi Amy … a confession, this flower and its “guests” were under the shadows, would have loved it better if some sunshine peeked through and highlighted the vivid lilac of its bloom … thus, the little tweaking over at photoshop 🙂

      thank you for dropping by, Amy …

    1. Hi Cristine, truly … such moments, mundane maybe but they just tug at my heart because i know they are always lovely privileges. thank you for your encouragement, have a great weekend ahead … its thursday where i am 🙂

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