thought snippet forty six {presence}


In the throng of withered leaves, in warm orange and hues of brown, sprung a feeling of completeness.  The rustling sound of leaves blown by the wind sent a shiver as I savored the reality of the season I do not experience in the tropics.  In the middle of the park, I pirouetted among the trees, with my heart singing and crying out to God, thanking HIM for the blessed privilege.

As I sit in my corner back home, I stare outside reminiscing that one moment when I never felt alone because I felt HIS presence amidst the beauty of HIS creation.  For me to lavish and to enjoy, to lovingly remember HIM by and plainly feel HIM beside me holding my heart in HIS.

However, at this instant with a pierced heart, I sit reliving that experience knowing joy and peace.  And I know that even today, burdened by this pain, I feel the sufficiency of God who loves me beyond everything that hinders my heart to sing.

As says in Psalms 16, verse 11:

“YOU will show me the way of life,
granting me the joy of your presence
and the pleasures of living with you forever.”


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