a stare and a smile …

I stare and smile recalling Bob and I being blessed with many memorable trips, even beyond what I thought I deserved.  With information just a few taps on the keys away, it is always easy to research, plot, reserve and even alter the itinerary over and over again. Even at that precise moment when we are actually out there, a right turn towards an unfamiliar corner becomes an option between taking a left or going straight when our global positioning is deemed lost.  Thanks to the tool that is technology … traveling has become a waft of blessed opportunities, hinged on the experiences shared by others who had traversed the path we now trace as our own.

Today, in the confines of the space where I am writing, every memory floods my mind with warmth because of the shared moments I had with Bob.  Just remembering that I have captured in my heart some places I thought were not possible for me to see, elicits a glorious beat of wondrous joy, allowing me to stare on a white wall with my lips curved upward forming a sweet smile of soulful reminiscence.

A stare that is not empty … and a smile that is not random.

It is a stare that focuses on every captured memory being replayed like frames of unforgettable pauses in my head, with every gap holding a delightful dream fulfilled.  Then it results to a smile that dictates the heart condition of loving, enjoying, and inspiring reflections of gratefulness for experiences that are gifts … moments of God’s real presence in my life.

These are beautiful chances of being intimately connected to God’s reality in a moment of rest. This is travel beyond borders, this is a journey into heaven’s door … a stare that sees HIM and a smile that echoes HIS.


please take a moment ... and tickle me pink!

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