thursday lingering look at windows: 46th week

This photo of an intricately crafted window sill was taken during one of Bob’s and my random road trips down south. We went to this restaurant that caught our attention since it was an old house with the frills of everything Filipino and was aesthetically beautiful.

We went up the upper level and was welcomed by this cozy table set up by the window that framed an interesting view of the nearby museum and garden.  All the wooden window treatments were carved by hand eliciting excellent Filipino craftsmanship.

joining Dawn’s  Thursday Lingering Look at Windows


12 thoughts on “thursday lingering look at windows: 46th week

    1. Hi Dawn, true indeed … i am hoping though that the fathers who carved these intricate works of art have passed on this legacy to their young ones, otherwise, it might be a dying art … sad reality but is happening. thank you for visiting — April

    1. Hi Jo, truly so … but as i was telling Dawn, i am hoping that the craftsmen have shared their trade secrets to their young ones so that more of these will be made and will be enjoyed by generations to come. if not, then it will eventually be a dying art, a very sad reality.

      again, thank you, Jo for sharing a moment with me, means much, April.

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