weekly photo challenge: unexpected

Mona Lisa on toast!

In one of our trips, while walking with Bob in one mall in Hongkong, I was pleasantly surprised by this artwork that depicted a renown masterpiece put together by toasting bread in different burnt or under cooked degrees.  The tedious and painstaking momentum that schemed this wall art baffled me beyond my mind, yet it was done … and with a fascinating result at that!

Many times one little act of kindness from one person done to the next and the next or acts of random love put together can form one beautiful picture of  an awesome world of grace.  A lot of you know that I am from the islands of the Philippines which was recently ravaged by a very strong typhoon and the unexpected but gracious show of love from all over the world pierced my heart with so much joy that is beyond me.

In my own small way, I would like to thank each and every one of you who remembered to offer prayers for my people and country. By God’s grace, my family have been spared because we live far from the devastated area, but like “one toast” that made up Mona Lisa, we are a part of the bigger picture, which is my country, the Philippines and we suffer and hope with my people. We know our God is greater than our plight because HE is our sovereign Father and with faith, we know HE will rebuild and heal our land.

Many blogger friends sent their love, encouragement and hope.  Again, I send you my love and gratefulness.

After all, each one of us is like a piece of “toast” that makes up the world … our ONE world is awesome because of God’s loving grace.

join us and experience “unexpected”  joy … in the weekly photo challenge


12 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: unexpected

  1. Wow, Mona Lisa made of toast! I can hear the artist saying, Hey Mona you’re toast! 🙂 Love the “unexpected” metaphor too. The tapestry of toast…that’s original!

  2. OK, I will admit it was a strange connection from Mona Lisa toast to being safe from the awful storm – but then I suppose that’s kind of an unexpected twist too, isn’t it?! The world is praying for everyone affected – amazing isn’t it?!

    1. Hi Tina, unexpected twist … maybe, but the love we feel from the world over … from one form of kindness to the next … from one “toast” to the next … somehow connected each piece into one whole picture of L-O-V-E … truly, amazing !!!

  3. Glad to hear that you weren’t affected by Yolanda although all of us from the Philippines cried and prayed ceaselessly that it will rise out of the ruins, better, stronger and unified.

    1. Hi Patricia … this is my humble way to give God the glory. Thank you so much for continuing to pray for my country, I am forever in gratitude for the moment you spare to think about us. Have a beautiful and meaningful weekend with your hubby and little angel, warmest hugs …

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