weekly photo challenge: eerie


As one looks at how strategically perilous each house is founded which is one on top of the other … I can only shiver at the eerie consequence of what may come if and when the earth shakes.

The reality shook me as I foraged through my archives and saw this photo I took a few months back during our northern road trip. Β It saddened me that the local government of the province allowed its dwellers to build their homes in such a manner.

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21 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: eerie

  1. Sadly, geology and climate – nature in general, actually – are not considered in urban planning and real estate development in this country. Imagine building residential areas on the riverbed of Marikina River and high-rises on the Marikina Fault. This photo reminds me of what happened to Cherry Hills in Montalban many years back. 😦

    1. oh yes, i remember that incident over at Cherry Hills … i wish that it will not happen to Baguio. but then, every time we go up, i see more and more structures built on the mountains, not only making the environs not pleasing to see but the risk factors are increased as more homes are erected. i took this “eerie” sight on our way to the BenCab Museum … and there are more when you go to the Strawberry fields!

  2. Hey! This is in Baguio! You have to see my entry. It’s the White House along Leonard Wood Road.
    I also have a photo of this. I am scared of what might happen if these houses encounter landslide. I really hope it would not happen

    1. Hi Zen, it truly is an eerie thought … i hope the local government of Baguio is well-prepared for the consequences if and when something tragic happens here … thank you for sharing your thoughts — April

  3. This is in Baguio. I spent part of my college there and I am paying for a retirement house there now. I’ve always wondered too how some of the houses are built on stilts practically. During the monsoon season, it is really scary hearing people buried alive while they were sleeping because of landslides. What I don’t understand is why would people build a house on the side of a high mountain. Now some areas have sinkholes too from old mines that are now closed. We’ve seen a lot of those and warned about by our broker when I was shopping for properties. I guess the local government can’t do anything if people have titles, it does not matter if they are dangerous or not.

    1. Hi Bebs, there are reports, warnings and eerie realities of sinkholes and erosion … yet, every time we go up to Baguio … dwellings mushroom on hills and mountains! anyway, the idea of retiring here is still an awesome plan, i am sure you are looking forward to it someday … thank you for sharing your thoughts — April

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