weekly photo challenge: horizon


Beyond the horizon are the “chocolate hills” … fondly called as such since the grass over the hilltop turns brown during the summer months simulating the tantalizing thoughts of chocolates!  It was a privilege to finally see them personally as i remember passionately hoping to be on that particular lookout since my youth and view their grandeur in the foreground of a beautiful horizon.

Then, a little less than a month ago … a 7.2 magnitude earthquake devastated these hills.  I have seen photographs of the damage invoked on them and it broke my heart.  Up until today, reports of ruin plague our news.

Yet, I hold on to the hope beyond the horizon, where the heavens are.  I know in my heart that the Lord is sovereign and in full control.  And I will claim that HIS promise to rebuild broken dreams … in all aspects of our lives, will one day be made whole again through HIM.

share what you see in your horizon


4 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: horizon

  1. thanks for stopping by to take a look at my photo of ‘two’ for the challenge. Sorry to hear about the earthquake that did so much damage to your favored places in the hills. I hope one day they will recover.

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