weekly photo challenge: infinite


They say, the Roman Colosseum was a dreadful remnant of savagery.  What happened within its walls in ancient times would speak of infinite pain, injustice, fear and even death for both humans and animals to provide entertainment for Roman spectators.

Today, as its colossal structure remains to stand abreast in the contemporary setting of the Eternal city, people are awed by its magnificence, forgetting what it stood for back in the day.  The echoes of the cries in the gladiator arena ring infinitely in the hearts of those who do not forget the lives shamelessly poured out for the thrill of some.

This is a harsh description, but a quiet reminder that our choices, good or bad, big or small can echo in time past, present and infinitely.  Therefore, we should choose the infinite bliss we can find, hope for and have in the ultimate truth of what Jesus has done for you and me.

indulge in infinite possibilities on weekly photo challenge


25 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: infinite

  1. Dear April! Thanks so kindly for your message :). Your infinite bliss of the human soul is so much your heart. To gain a sense of humanism through acknowledged eyes is to have hope, and I love your reminder! I hope all is well with you, Bob, and your family. I am back to blogging on limited time, but will keep in touch. Warm regards, Allyson.

  2. It is sad that something so beautiful actually has a history that caused so much pain and abuse. It is an inspiring reminder of what we should not do at the present day. In some parts of the world, people’s rights are still being abused and we all need to join together to be a part of their voice. God bless.

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