simply, a moment to ask … who does?


One minute passes by without much funfare.  Like a quiet falling of a leaf, unnoticed … an irrelevant reality bound to happen.

Each moment passed is done, never to be redeemed in order to recapture or replay a new version.  It niches itself in history, lapsed as part of something considered finished.  Not one second of those sixty can ever recur to relinquish a crown,  to undo a wrong choice, to remold a broken piece, to untangle a knot, to take back a hurting remark, to switch off a bright idea or simply to redeem a broken vow.

Each passing moment leads to the next that enables anyone to move forward. No one can skip a moment in order to matter because each lapse is linked like a chain that connects and bridges today towards tomorrow without fleeting back.

Each moment is a fulfillment of God’s promise which we should seriously hold close to our hearts so that we will always be at the center of HIS will. Taken for granted, we become a routine, a plain occurrence, none worthy of applause … like the falling of a leaf being blown away by the wind … where it finally drops and decays no one bothers to know.

Yet, the reason why it fell, rests on God … HE alone cares … HE does.

As said in Matthew 6, verse 8 — ” … for your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him!”


please take a moment ... and tickle me pink!

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