in love with memories: alone with William

The journey to the Heart of England was an exciting one for me and I plotted this even in my dreams.  Although the trip was quite a long one from Oxford to the Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire it was well worth the wait, even by myself amidst a busload of kind strangers.

The beautiful English countryside was one experience all on its own.  The verdant rolling hills dotted with occasional country cottages brought delight as I was physically viewing my thoughts into reality.  Even passing through the Cotswold and seeing the thatched roof of the picturesque cottages was one experience sending me to high heavens, sadly,  I was not able to capture a good photo at all … maybe another opportunity is in the offing, someday, Lord willing.



Then, at the end of what seemed forever, the birthplace of the literary genius laid in wait for some exploring.  William Shakespeare’s birthplace was nothing grand, but it was cozy and simple.  Snippets of stories were shared on how William was like growing up and I saw some old things that made up the dwelling place he called home which to this day is like a shrine to this English prodigy.


Then, a little time was left to do some more exploring around the community.



I walked around and was immersed in the medieval feel of the old buildings that showcased English architecture which was fairy tale-like as I remembered seeing their drawn facades in books I read as a child.  Bob was not with me at this time (he was left in London), but I was sightseeing for both of us; and in the Heart of England, we were together both in mind and spirit.


3 thoughts on “in love with memories: alone with William

    1. Hi Amy, i pray that Bob can be with me to “meet William” when the Lord gives us the privilege to travel back to the UK … it was exhilarating seeing medieval architecture up close and personal. thank you for visiting and have a great weekend ahead 🙂

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