five minute friday: ordinary


GO ...

My life was routinary, always begins and ends in the same way … thus, very ordinary. No glitz, no glitter, no glamor … just plainly simple … nothing grand, nothing special.

And I was happy … content maybe, but delighted in the minute world of myself with Bob and a baby back then.

Until HE came, knocked at the door of my heart to be my Friend, Saviour and Redeemer.  Thus, my life turned special … utmost extraordinary because HE made it so.  My life now is far from ordinary because HE is in it, HE is the new version of ordinary me, hopefully being transformed day by day into HIS image … reflecting HIS glory and nothing is ordinary in that.


This is my take on Lisa-Jo’s prompt for “Five Minute Friday”.  Dedicate five minutes of your time to write what your heart whispers about the theme, without editing or rethinking.  Just simply, be you!

Five Minute Friday


6 thoughts on “five minute friday: ordinary

  1. Ok, gotta tell you – I love this word “routinary”. That said – you’re so right, ever since I asked Jesus into my life, NOTHING has been ordinary. Isn’t that wonderful?? Have a great weekend!

    1. hi Janet, that word had a red underline … so i was not sure if it is the right word to use 😉 it is indeed a gracious privilege that with Jesus, NOTHING is ordinary indeed! have a blessed weekend as well …

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