weekly photo challenge: morning


Mornings are initially spent at preparing breakfast … a sumptuous one at that because my boys (including Bob) like it with garlic rice and a viand to go with it. Garlic is a great condiment that adds a burst of flavor to an otherwise bland boiled rice.  Like garlic, our lives should add zest to anyone of our beloved, an acquaintance or even a stranger.

Each morning is spent at thanking God for another day added to my lifetime and a request lifted in prayer for blessing and protection.  I try to make HIM my first thought in my waking moment, because HE is the real reason why a new day is given, a new opportunity is offered and a new beginning is possible … may our mornings be truly good through GOD who IS!

have a good morning, join the weekly photo challenge …



21 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: morning

    1. hi there, this is actually garlic fried rice … fry chopped garlic, making sure not to be burned then add cold boiled leftover rice, then flavor with a little salt to taste …. yumminess! i hope you’ll like it as well 🙂 — April

  1. April, a wonderful photo … and interesting to read that you have rice for breakfast and with garlic. I have a friend that eat thin sliced garlic on his cheese sandwich every morning. Garlic and all other onion is very good for us and our health … and system. It proven that countries that eat a lot of onion has nearly no cases of blood cloth. I have thin rings of red onion on my breakfast sandwich every morning.

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