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modern history

modern history …

What better way than to show an infamous landmark which made modern history when it was once the tallest edifice in the world.  Yet, it was downgraded to just that, another building, when a taller architectural feat was erected in Taiwan.  I was totally awestruck by the magnificence of the twin towers of the Petronas and could not stop capturing its glinting metal spires from every angle, even almost lying on my back just to be able to do so.

Always, I am overwhelmed by the moment when Bob and I are gifted the privilege to see historical sights and experience its pivotal reality. No matter when or where history is made, every day passes by and becomes a part of someone’s past … a memory that serves to immortalize a significant moment.  And each experience is a blessing from HIM who allows us the grace to be part of HIS STORY.

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7 thoughts on “frizz’ m {modern history}

    1. Hi Lynne, missed out on two letters … Bob and I traveled and i was not able to prepare for it … you know how excitement supersedes everything else when a vacation is at hand 🙂

      and i see that you are on track with your “alliterations” as well … i have been enjoying them, too 🙂

      1. Of course! EVERYthing gets set aside when a vacation is looming on the horizon. I did notice that J and K were missing – but if you have to miss they are two good ones to miss – difficult I should think. Or are you going to play catch-up …?

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