a glimpse through a pirouette … in kampong glam

It was a quiet walk, amidst the burst of colors, in Kampong Glam which is the heart of the Arab area in Singapore when I noticed a lone traveler seated in one of the Cafes.  He was in deep thought writing with his heart probably his travel moments or perhaps adding chapters to his book project. He was so immersed and deep in his revelry.  I was drawn to him, because it had been a very long time since I saw someone who had pen in hand and pushing thoughts into words in a journal and not tapping on keys.  It was indeed a heart-warming glimpse of creative passion … something that I hope will never cease to have.

I myself have a ready journal in my purse, ready at all times to jot a thought or two from a glimpse through a pirouette called life.


14 thoughts on “a glimpse through a pirouette … in kampong glam

  1. I have a notebook for travels but don’t carry one day to day but I think I’ll have to. The memory isn’t what it was! Hate when you have something half written in your head with just the perfect descriptions, but half a day later it’s forgotten. (must have been really perfect, huh?) Love your header photo. 🙂

    1. Hi Jo, i started carrying a journal since as far as i can remember. and there have been finished, halfway through in the making and just a beginning sentence of moments … but funny as it may seem, i can still remember when and where it was written. and if i seriously sit down and think about it, i can still finish up the entire story behind each unfinished entry. if only for that, i hope my mind stays vigilant at preserving memories that will bring more smiles to Bob and me through the words written down in my journals and remember our moments together …

      sorry for babbling away, however, your comment really tickled me pink!!! and thank you for loving the header photo. please click on my page “as bob’s wife” … we have a photo there, Bob and me. thank you for dropping by and engaging — April

  2. I also buy into the romantic notion of writing by hand. I even bring a notebook (not the electronic kind) with me when I travel, but I always find myself typing my thoughts and some info on my phone as draft messages. 😦

  3. in this age of ever-revolving-gadgets, writing a journal with a pen and paper is a rarity and a dying passion. you’re lucky to have spotted one who continues to do so.

    i love that area in singapore where arab street and haji lane are. every corner picturesque; every spot -fascinating!

  4. You inspired me today. I bought a journal that is still blank. With the computer/iPhone/iPad/Kindle era, most of us forgot the ever dependable paper and pencil. Time to find where I placed my blank journal. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Mr. B, i am sure you will fill up your journal with beautiful and meaningful thought snippets enough to inspire the whole world … please join the “old school club”, its fun writing with pen and paper again … regards to your wife and son 🙂

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