weekly photo challenge: inside


Inside one’s heart … could be a hallow emptiness ready to be filled or a deep fountain of love ready to be shared.  Likened to this flower still awaiting to bloom, its inside quietly keeps in tow what beauty it has to be shared for all to see.

May our hearts pursue to give in love the joy and meaning of what good life offers, transforming other’s emptiness into hope.  Thus, as we see the blooming faith of a beautiful heart inside, may we be inspired to share in its joy intimately attuned to God’s amazing grace.

share what inside means to you …


25 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: inside

    1. Hi Ashley, yes indeed … all my photos in this blog are mine. Bob and i just got home from a trip to Singapore and this was a good take on the prompt. i was drawn to these beautiful flowers and i took quite a lot of photos for my archive. so how are the newlyweds doing?

  1. Beautiful thoughts and photo, April. Your faith and your believes always strong .. I truly love that about you, even as you know … I’m not a believer in the same way. Thanks for a pleasant start of my day.

  2. That is a beautiful, inspiring thought. Yes, ones heart is like a flower ready to bloom. Just like a flower, it needs nourishment of love, peace and forgiveness. God bless. Wishing you and your family a great week.

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