simply, a moment … home


“Where’s my kiss?” Bob asks as he steps inside our home, he stays away from the usual “Honey, I’m home!” This is his cute way of asking me to extend a welcome of warmth as he settles in the peace of our family from the stress of work and being away from me … I gladly think.

I look forward to this time of day when the family is once again complete; because each one leaves for his own preoccupation at work or school as the morning dawns.  Thus, leaving me behind with chores and errands and most times enjoying the quiet of home.  Although the silence is sometimes not companionable because it gets lonely being home alone.

After all is done, the chance for a personal moment begins.  The luxury of indulgence in creative pursuits like writing and photography is a blessed time; which I am hoping and intending to weave through the experience as long as the Lord allows me to.

The day passes by like a wisp of rested breath, unhampered by stress fulfilling hours of living in the experience of how life should be.  Then, nestling in the comfort of family who completes the reason of my life with the certainty of love founded on God’s own is a beautiful way to end my day at home.

Always, I love to hear my Bob calling … “Where’s my kiss?”


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