cee’s B&W challenge: fun things to photograph

There are many subjects that I indulge in to capture while traveling, Bob’s and my time together just taking photos, or anything that literally catches my attention … a fallen leaf, a flower in bloom, uncorked bottle … just about everything.

However, the two most interesting subjects I put my heart into are:  landmarks that speak of the place where Bob and I are given the gift of travel …



… and any significant stroke of perspective that is purely mine.

We all have the freedom to express our creativity when taking our photographs.  I am thankful that photography is mostly subjective and to each his own genius. Likewise, I am grateful that the community here in WP is all about sharing our gift, perspective and heart.

what catches your fancy … join us at Cee’s B&W challenge


4 thoughts on “cee’s B&W challenge: fun things to photograph

    1. Hi Cee, i love sneaking behind Bob while he does his own photo shoot 😉 and i also love playing along with your challenges, its just that there are times when schedule is tight, but i try hart to be part of them — April

    1. Hi Gracie … missed you, dear friend 🙂 thank you for saying that i got a beautiful shot of my Bob … that was him trying to take a photo of the seagull in flight. i would love to sneak behind his back to take his photo in action … how cool is that?

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