simply, a moment … in love


Twenty nine years began after only sixty days of knowing each other.  Looking back, it seems just a few moments ago and it feels good.  Counting seems pointless because the years with Bob breezes through like flying through the Eiffel, cruising on the Thames and even sailing the Boracay shores; because each moment is a reason our memories are made — our life together in love.

The marathon to forever is not a race but a loving challenge for Bob and me.  We are not competing against each other but we are a team attempting victory together.  There are moments, and a lot of them, when the roads seem lonely running alone because one refuses to stride alongside the other …

choosing …

… anger over patience

… unmet expectations over trust

… callousness over thoughtfulness

… grumbling over thankfulness

… arguing over quiet surrender

… and the list goes on

We stumble, help each other up, dust off each other’s specks and clasp each hand to run the marathon together again.

Humbly, Bob is the gift the Lord blessed me with in all his kindness, quirks and temper and his good looks (wink wink) — he is my Bob and I am his.

I remain to praise God for this marriage which is not a perfect set-up but a partnership with the Lord who has made this sacred vow worth treasuring and praying for.  Every day is a meaningful journey that started twenty nine years ago until forever — with Bob holding my hand firmly clasped in the Lord’s — I will and always will be BOB’s wife.


6 thoughts on “simply, a moment … in love

  1. Just so lovely written, a lovely tribute to your love, marriage and to yourself that have made it work … and you two have something very special – so So happy for you that you’re able to work it out for better and for worst. Congratulation to the love you have found in each other and the life you have together.

    1. Hey Viveka, sorry for the late reply … but i thank you for your kindness and support as you journey with me through your constant encouragements. Bob and i, by God’s grace … are running the marathon to forever with beautiful people like you cheering us on, thank you, Viveka 🙂 praying that all is always well with you 🙂

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