cee’s fun foto challenge … liquid


After an incessant rainy day, the flowers were drenched and their beauty exuded freshness.  They tug at the soul transforming the dryness inside like a hope of a new life soaked with the love and grace of the Lord.

in the heat of summer,

in the drought of a season,

in the half-hearted obedience of the soul,

in the pride of life …

we should be doused with the chastening of our humanity because in our weakness, the sufficiency and power of the Lord is like the water that cleanses, humbles and renews our parched desires …

a fun challenge over at Cee’s


10 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge … liquid

  1. Something magical about dew drops on leaves and flowers on a brand new day. Perhaps it’s a promise of something amazing ahead. Perhaps its a reminder that God is always there no matter what.

    1. HE truly is ever so present in our lives … we just forget sometimes that HE is faithfully waiting for us to acknowledge HIS presence for reasons that are mere excuses, and i say, i am guilty of that most times …

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