plying the islands: one May day in silay, bacolod


The sun’s rays felt like piercing daggers, it was yielding its solar heat threatening sunburn and sweat bath.  The skies were blue and empty of white puffs, it was a perfect May day for a photographic quest.


Monday was not a good day to visit Silay, Bacolod (an hour’s plane ride south of Manila) because the main historical home which was the Balay Negrense was not open to visit.  Thus, I had to contend myself with the house facade, played around with the vantage points of the beautifully brick-laden fence enhanced by the well-crafted floral topiary.


This was not my first trip to Bacolod, so from memory, I went through the ancestral homes Bob and I initially visited .  Although, I was left on my own because Bob had to tend to work, I took every possible image that caught my eye.


Some young kids who were curiously fascinated by me, became captivating subjects releasing my random need to digitally compose.  Even details of forlorn old wooden appliques glued on posts and walls were captured as mementos of that hot day in Silay.


Leveling up my adventure, I remembered from my readings that I could hop on a bus northbound and head to the town of Victoria, to take in the culture of sugar planting and refinery.  Armed with curiosity and a sweet smile, I nervously took on the chance with misgivings amidst adrenalin overload.  The locals were generous at giving a stranger their attention providing directions and unsolicited advise and that pacified my raging demeanor.

Finally, with my heart on my throat, I hailed a bus to a halt and rode the public transport farther from where Bob was as I attempted to go on an adventure purely on my own.

Silay, Bacolod coordinates:  10°48′N 122°58′E


5 thoughts on “plying the islands: one May day in silay, bacolod

  1. Very nice, April. I’ve never been to Bacolod, I think the farthest I’ve been in the South is Tagaytay or Laguna (not sure which one is farther), which is really sad. Thank you for sharing your travels, it’s a good way to explore the Philippines from overseas 🙂

    1. hi Gracie, i hope i can really write about each nook and cranny Bob and i have been to … it takes so much time to do so 😉 anyway, thank you for supporting me always … i dwell on your lovely photos of the places you have been to with your hubby, and i always look forward to your new adventures as well — blessings to you, Gracie 🙂

    1. Hi there, i hope you had a chance to see the RUINS in Talisay … that was some architectural beauty. even in its ruined state, with sunset or sunrise as its backdrop, it was unforgettably awesome!

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