weekly photo challenge: foreshadow


Dusk is that time of day that as a young girl always made me so lonely … I dreaded it.

Up until Bob told me to think that this time of day foreshadows the evening which leads to another day.  A new day that brings a fresh start, a new lease on life, a day that can bring in sunshine, a day that brings us closer to heavenly bliss, or simply a renewed look at how God loves me.

These realities are indeed beautiful foreshadowing of an otherwise pessimistic perspective of an ending day.  Indeed, dusk in all its melodramatic overture from the palette of warm colors painting the skies, to the sound of quiet as the birds nestle in their nests, to the buzzing of city traffic inching its way home, to the hissing of the pot roasting in the oven awaiting the family’s reunion for the day at the dinner table now foreshadow a hope in me … it excites me.

Today, dusk is a beautiful foreshadowing of awakening to a fresh morning, leaving my fears and loneliness behind as I await my Bob coming home to share the end of the day with me and to welcome together the blessings of a new day.

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