five minute friday: story


Go …

Every one is a story in this book called life,  I was first written years ago
which was thoughfully and lovingly crafted by God unconditionally.

He weaves through many happy and sad threads making the tapestry of
my life uniquely me.  Always adding colors of hope, cutting through frills
to nip its fringes, but weaving over holes to recapture the essence of its
wholeness patterned after HIM.

I pray that when any one reads my story, i will give glory and honor
to HIM who is the ultimate author of my life.


This is my take on Lisa-Jo’s prompt for “Five Minute Friday”.  Dedicate five minutes of your time to write what your heart whispers about the theme, without editing or rethinking.  Just simply, be you!


11 thoughts on “five minute friday: story

    1. Hi Gilly, i am so sorry for this late response … have been on a “honeymoon” trip with Bob 🙂 thank you for your encouragement, your comment is the first i read as i am settled home again. thank you for visiting 🙂

  1. This is beautiful…sometimes I take for granted the fact that my Author has written my name in the Book of Life forever and included me in the best story. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂 Blessings!

    1. hi Mel, thank you for visiting … yes we help each other to remind us things we do not forget really, but sometimes are overshadowed by the busyness of our life. thank you for your encouragement as well. — April

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