a word a week … castle

There are real castles where queens, dukes, duchesses, princes and princesses live …



and where our very own dreams and fantasies quietly live on as well … happily  ever after …


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2 thoughts on “a word a week … castle

  1. Wow, that looks massive and impenetrable! I wonder how anyone can live happily ever after in a castle. It’s so fortified it looks like a prison! 🙂 Happiness for me is freedom and space and movement. But that’s why I’m not royalty, haha! Nice shots though. What castle is this?

    1. hi Aj, the first two shots were of the Windsor Castle in the UK … they were really massive! but seeing it and imagining what historical events took place in it were exhilarating! anyway, kaya naman happily ever after, kasi, the third photo was the castle nina Shrek sa universal studios sa Singapore … kaya dreamland sya … sorry, huh! sobrang madrama 😉 but thank you for appreciating my efforts …

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