cee’s fun foto challenge … sit with me


One summer, i remember this very moment when i was under an old tree, its boughs draped over my head shaded me from the harsh sunshine.  I was seated on this very recliner, snuggled in its comfort staring away at the seas and skies awaiting Bob’s presence.  It was a moment all to myself and wishing that he would be here to sit with me.

I always yearn for Bob to be with me, because even if there are no word exchanges, his presence is a welcomed comfort, warming my heart with the thought that i can tap at his shoulder to catch his attention and know that i have his full love to share with me.  In twenty five days, i will update my tagline …  twenty-nine years, Bob has been beside me, seated right next to me, clasping my hands and never letting go.

take a seat and join us at Cee’s fun foto challenge


7 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge … sit with me

  1. Happy 29 years of eternal love and friendship to both you and Bob! Thank you April for sharing your inner life. It’s beautiful, Allyson 🙂

    1. hi Allyson … God has been so good and faithful to Bob and me. we’ve had our share of trials but the Lord had always lovingly showed a way out and reunited our hearts together. more than anything, it had been and i know it will be a more beautiful journey for Bob and me … for always. thank you, Allyson for your kindness — wishing you more blessings 🙂

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