black&white photo challenge … upward


Many times when we are new in an environment, visiting for the first time, we become too preoccupied with the milieu and parallel happenings on the road, side streets, plaza, corners and we seldom look upward.  But not in Italy when everywhere we set our sights on almost anywhere and at anytime … we see beautiful and aesthetic expressions of art. And this is one example of a beautiful hostel facade that just caught my attention, captivating my heart with its intricate craftsmanship of architectural masterpiece.

take a moment and look upward … join the challenge at Sonel’s Corner


12 thoughts on “black&white photo challenge … upward

    1. hi Holley, it looks dramatic in black and white, but the real colors of the facade are more beautiful 🙂 thank you for finding a moment to appreciate my efforts — April

  1. Stunning shot and such great architecture April! Thanks for the lovely entry and for taking part. Much appreciated. 😀 *hugs*

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