weekly photo challenge: masterpiece


Man-made masterpieces are awesome in grandeur that withstand the measure of time.  Although much of the intricate details painstakingly crafted are the first to be impaired, the soul of the edifice or artwork remains to ignite a certain connection to ours.

When I beheld this historical masterpiece, I felt my heart wanting a release from my chest … it was so joyful that its rhythm was raising a harmony of beautiful notes singing a glorious song of praise to God who allowed me this experience.  This moment in itself is like a “masterpiece” created in my life when a dream hoped for is translated into reality.

It is a piece of the Master crafted in my life.

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15 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: masterpiece

    1. hi Imelda … this is one of the many attempts i tried to capture the beauty of the Colosseum … without a tripod i thought i couldn’t take a decent one. thank you so much for being very supportive of my efforts. wishing you well 🙂

  1. I totally agree with Cynthia – Our living bodies are a masterpiece …. wonderful said – so true.
    I loved your photo – excellent choice for the challenge. Even if the historical masterpiece on you photo – was built for evil and brutal entertainment – animals and people were killed for the joy of others.

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