thought snippet forty {fear}


Fearing fear itself is squandering time, resources, strength and basically a good life.  We waste away opportunities of enjoying the presence of God in our lives because we focus on our lack, our needs, our troubles and anything else that can make us helplessly fearful.

Our fears are unfounded because they are lies blindly believed.  But once we know and accept the goodness of the Lord, we experience the assurance of refuge, rescue, protection, provision and freedom from fear. We can stretch our mind to try to understand that God is good and believe that He is.  In Psalm 34, verse 9 it says:

 “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Experience Him first hand and see the blissful outpouring of His goodness which will transcend all our fears lacking nothing but having all we need.


4 thoughts on “thought snippet forty {fear}

  1. April, I’m not a believer as such – but I love the way your express your feelings and your thoughts around your God.
    I like your photo very much … excellent.

    1. hi Viveka, i just want to express my deep love for God, and i know i can do that by sharing them to others through my writing. thank you so much for your encouragement, you are too kind.

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