cee’s fun foto challenge … locked in love


The padlocks at the Ponte Vecchio which spoke of eternal love when harnessed on a railing and the key thrown over at the Arno River were such a spectacle to see.  They were numerous and I could only imagine the whispers of love for each other as couples locked their promises chained to forever as the keys were thrown away, never to be recovered to unlock their vow. Such a romantic privilege, but it is now discouraged with a fine when caught by the authorities in Firenze.

Locking a vow to uphold and chaining it to a post or railing is a charming reminder of how once in one’s lifetime, away in Italia, an eternal love was promised.  But true love is a commitment transcending words or promises, it is hard work inspired by the love of God who makes it possible to chain our hearts with HIS and holding on to HIS own promise that we can only truly commit by His grace alone.

have fun and join Cee’s fun foto challenge


7 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge … locked in love

    1. hi Viveka, would love to see their version of this in Berlin … your added info about this tradition starting in Ponte Vecchio is true, i read that somewhere, thank you for updating us 🙂

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